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Woven Fusible Interlining (Top Fuse)
Dec 08, 2016

In addition to the extensive collection of woven’s shirting fabrics it is logical next step for Tootal to include in their collection of articles woven interlinings (fusible).

Our broadly based client group demands it as with every order for shirt fabric, interlining will be needed. From a service standpoint it’s ideal to have one source for both fabric for the garment and the interlining (fusible). Tootal’s TOP FUSE range is produced in one of the best locations in Asia with European technology and European management. Heat applied fusible interlining or stickable interlining, provides the additional body to the fabric to enhance the shape and cut to the model of the shirt or blouse. Shirt interlining strengthens the collar, cuff and button tab , and can be used in frontplaket or sleeve head.

Interlining is often invisibly incorporated into the shirt or blouse, but it is essential for the quality and fit. It is a critical and very important part of all tailored shirts and blouses. TOP FUSE Interlining has an adhesive coating and is connected with the upper fabric loop by press/splice press. This perfect connection is established with the precise temperature, time and pressure. The TOP FUSE Tootal shirt interlining fabrics guarantee the wearer a high quality garment that even after regularly use, repeated washes and maintenance it retains its shape. Our 100% cotton interlinings are available in three different weight classes 100 gram, 140 gram and 170 gram and a range of colours they are coated with a polyethylene coating which bonds to the fabrics under the correct conditions. Furthermore, there is a choice of the “hand feel” soft and medium soft finish, in the colours optical white, grey and black. The technical data to ensure a high quality application or adhesion is available by request.


We, Shanghai Doublegull Textile Co., Ltd. has focused on top quality woven interlining & bedding fabrics products for over 30 years in China. We started as a small operation, but now have become one of the leading suppliers in the interlining industry & home textile industry in China.

Today, DOUBLEGULL has been one of the top producers of quality woven interlining, bedding fabrics and bedding sets products, such as: shirt interlining, outerwear interlining, casual wear interlining, waistband interlining, cap interlining, Arabian thobe interlining, bedding fabrics and bedding sets.

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