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Woven Brushed Interlining Is Your Best Choice For Your Business Suits/ Blazer
Jun 05, 2017

Suit Interlining also call woven brushed interlining, its really a good choice for high grade suits.Many customers like brushed interlining,because changes Brushed Interlining’s hand feeling is soft and full, it have a good traceability when fabric combine with interlining and drape is very good after bonding. Brushed Interlining have all conventional varieties, from 50-150gsm weight. It suit for all kinds of high-grade suit ,woolen coat fabrics and high-grade woolen uniforms.

What Is It Advantage And Disadvantage?

Its advantage is elastic shrinkage is relatively small, better traceability and drape is very good after bonding.

Its disadvantage is the price is higher than ordinary interlining. Have a long time to produce the fabric than common interlining due to equipment of energy consumption is too high and pollution is seriousness.

Which Interlining Could Replace The Woven Brushed interlining?

The woven brushed interlining could be took the place of 75*75 53G, 75*100 65G, 8715 73G. Many garment factories or trading company use them to replace changes woven brushed interlining in order to save cost. Their hand feeling have some difference with brushed interlining, but the drape and traceability aren’t inferior than change double comb.

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