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What Are The Acupuncture Cotton Products
Oct 26, 2016

Acupuncture cotton, the production of raw materials and application of technology has been with the continuous development of science and technology are widely used in our production and health, and usually we feel humble little things may be made of acupuncture cotton production of such raw materials Made of, then acupuncture cotton is kind of what kind of raw materials.

Acupuncture cotton is not a complex through the textile technology, direct some of the fiber stabbed into the shape of some special floc-shaped special products, can usually use a lot of fiber-like, glass fiber can be made into acupuncture cotton A fibrous material. Acupuncture cotton are generally pure natural cashmere, wool, cotton, and some camel hair and a variety of fibers made of mixed, usually acupuncture cotton may contain hemp fiber, corn fiber, bamboo fiber and even glass Fiber and other fiber raw materials.

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