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The Classification Of The Various Lining And Characteristics Of The Introduction
Oct 26, 2016

In general, the clothing lining refers to the garment processing, in order to show the characteristics of clothing design, used in various parts of the inner clothing of a textile material. Cotton linen lining refers to the non-finishing processing or just finishing stiffness finishing cotton or linen, is the original lining.

Black carbon lining, also known as wool lining, is made of cotton yarn or wool blended yarn for warp, animal fiber or blended yarn as weft, the woven into the base fabric, and made by special finishing lining. Woven woven or knitted fabrics, such as finishing or dyeing and other finishing, and made by the resin finishing lining, referred to as resin lining.

Woven (or knitted) hot-melt blended with cotton and chemical fiber pure spinning or blended woven or knitted fabric. By the practice of bleaching or dyeing and other finishing, and by the thermoplastic hot melt adhesive uniform coating made of the lining. Referred to as woven fusible interlining. Non-woven fusible interlining refers to the interlining of non-woven fabrics made by hot melt adhesive coating.

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