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The Application Of Fusible Interlining In Garment Processing
Oct 26, 2016

Fusible Interlining is a hot melt adhesive coated lining, cloth production is often used in one of the accessories. Fusible interlining is attached to the back of the cloth by heating and ironing. When the fabric needs to express crispness and thickness, it can be reflected by adding the interlining, or the fabric is too soft and slippery to be difficult to operate. Clean.

In this case,

Fusible interlining operation is relatively simple, which is widely eternal reason. First, the fusible interlining according to the need to draw a good look like cutting, and then cut a good binder on the back of the material to be bonded, with iron in the front of the material to lift the material to view, stick together, Sticky can be repeated once ironing can be. We know the benefits of Fusible Interlining, when used, have to face the selection of species.

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