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Shirt Interlining Weaving Interlining
Sep 15, 2017

Shirt Interlining Weaving interlining

Shirt lining is a large category of clothing accessories, it plays a role in the clothing skeleton. As the construction of housing need to use reinforced concrete skeleton; production clothing need to use lining to do skeleton. Through the lining of the shape, reinforcement, conformal effect, clothing to form a variety of beautiful style. The lining is made of woven fabrics, knitted fabrics and nonwovens, etc., with or without the use of thermoplastic polymer compounds, special machinery for special finishing processing, for clothing or shoes and other inner reinforcement, crisp And other effects, and fabric bonding (or non-adhesive) of the special clothing accessories.

Shirt lining

Refers to the garment processing, in order to show the characteristics of clothing design, used in all parts of the clothing inside a textile material.

Base cloth

Commonly known as the end of cloth, weaving lining fabric.

Linen lining

Refers to the unprocessed or only sizing straight finishing cotton or linen, is more primitive lining.

Woven resin black carbon lining

Also known as wool lining, is made of cotton, chemical fiber, wool pure cotton or blended as a veil, chemical fiber and yak wool or other animal wool blended as weft, woven into the base fabric, and made by resin finishing lining.

Woven resin interlining

Cotton and chemical fiber pure spinning, blended woven or knitted fabrics, drift or dyeing and other finishing, and made by the resin finishing lining. Referred to as resin lining.

Woven (or knitted) hot melt adhesive lining

Cotton and chemical fiber pure or blended woven or knitted fabric, drift or dyeing and other finishing, and by thermoplastic hot melt adhesive evenly after the lining made of cloth. Referred to as woven adhesive lining.

Non-woven hot melt adhesive lining

Also known as non-woven adhesive lining. Refers to the non-woven fabric by thermoplastic hot melt adhesive coating made after the lining. Stitching non-woven lining also belong to this category.