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Shirt Interlining Relying On Technological Advances
Oct 30, 2017

Shirt Interlining Relying on technological advances

It is particularly important to develop the technology of garment lining, and the size of technology has become an important bargaining chip in the competition of the clothing industry. Therefore, the garment industry enterprises in China should rely on scientific and technological progress to strengthen the innovation of enterprise science and technology. Adhere to the market oriented, with the benefit of the center to promote the enterprise operation management innovation; We will use informationization to promote and enhance the international competitiveness of the garment industry, and realize the real and international integration. After joining the WTO, developed countries in Europe and America are using high-tech content of products as barriers to restrict China's exports with non-tariff technical barriers. Among them, the environmental protection and safety of the clothing fabric products are a great barrier.

Total view at present our country the development of clothing products is not hard to find, many manufacturers have to stay at the design level, fabrics and accessories although a lining cloth become the choice of the development of clothing design, but most of the manufacturers only on fabric and accessories village cloth color, crisp and feel the appearance quality and consumers can direct perception of breathable, moisture absorption, anti-wrinkle, such as inherent quality requirements, in clothing products cost price has focused on a lining cloth fabrics and accessories, and with the fabric and accessories in the lining cloth contain harmful substances, whether adverse effects are less attention to the human body, from the aspects of environmental protection, security, and so on to consider the selection of a lining cloth fabric and accessories.

And small scale of the lining cloth industry in our country and the serious lack of high-tech talents and management talents, lining cloth is basic generic products abroad, the vast majority of the lining cloth products in medium and low level, with foreign lining cloth products have larger gap. After joining the WTO, tariff barriers for many years and opening of the quota restrictions brought lining cloth exports more space, but because of the developed countries is gradually open market operation, lining cloth and clothing export trade in the short term may not rise significantly. With the acceleration of China's internationalization process, the garment industry enterprises are facing more and more competitors, which is undoubtedly a serious test for the competitiveness of enterprises. But, according to the requirements of environmental protection, health, if the export of clothing (including fabric and accessories - lining cloth) USES the international disable dyestuff, or products containing impact of harmful substances to human body health, especially on the remaining free formaldehyde, fishy smell and high heavy metal lead, will be banned the international community as a unqualified commodity exports.

In addition, the United States can sanction China through measures such as anti-dumping and countervailing, which will force companies to fully appreciate the seriousness of the external environment. It is necessary for an enterprise to master its export price, improper low price export, not only loss of profits, but also loss of market. On the other hand, domestic companies should step in step and never compete against each other for the sake of international market.