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Shirt Interlining Maintenance
Aug 26, 2017

Shirt Interlining maintenance

What is the principle of selection of shirt lining

Lining cloth fabric shirt lining the selection principle are:

1, lining and fabric bonding can achieve a certain degree of peel strength, in the use of period, after washing without degumming, no blistering.

2, lining shrinkage and hot pressing should be consistent with the fabric, to maintain the appearance of clothing Ting Ting, not wrinkle, do not roll.

3, lining and fabric texture to meet: such as the general coat shirt lining to have a soft feel, good elasticity, silk fabric lining lining should be drape good, collar to have the appropriate stiffness and so on.

4, have a better permeability, to ensure comfortable wearing.

5, the lining of the bonding temperature should be consistent with the fabric: such as fur with the lining, the bonding temperature is low.

6, a good cutability and sewing; cutting will not stain the blade, lining trimming will not paste each other; sewing will not stain the needle and so on.

Cotton lining fabric in the apparel industry has been applied, we use the maintenance time:

Cotton coat, outer pants are suitable for washing, before the deposit should be clean and clean, can not be used after the direct preservation of the clothes.New cotton coat before the deposit must have washed water again, on the one hand to wash away the floating color, To avoid cloth hair hard, together also to avoid contamination of other clothing.

On the other hand to wash the cloth on the cloth, to avoid insects, from the insects. Wash the cotton coat after ironing to be stereotypes, to be dry and cool and then hang clothes hangs or folded storage. Never put the dry clothes without shelter, to avoid moldy. To store in its wardrobe wardrobe into the insecticide, to prevent insects. In the process of preservation should always check, ventilation and exposure.

Lining fabric cotton fabric in the folding storage, to avoid pressure, such as cashmere, corduroy and other clothing, a long time after the pressure will be lodging lodging. Preservation of such clothing, it should be placed on the upper or stand up to store, to avoid the pressure and make the hair lodging, affecting the beautiful and dressed.

In addition, with sulfur dyes dyed cotton coat, especially black, should not be stored for too long, should be worn in time, put a long time to make cloth crisp, reduce fabric fastness, affecting the service life of clothing.