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Shirt Interlining Adhesive Lining
May 31, 2017

Specifically used in a shirt inside a layer of adhesive lining, the basic material for the 100% cotton, one side of the powder, after high temperature pressure, the shirt collar collar more full and full. Fu Sheng lining is a professional production of shirt lining.

1. Stretched in the collar of the collar, clothes, cuffs and trousers inside the cloth. 2. An extra canvas that is sewn by the friction part of the sail. Related articles First, the lining effect: lining is to set off the fabric, improve clothing performance, the appearance of a beautiful clothing play a great role in promoting clothing with a perfect shape, can make up for the lack of fabric performance. Second, the lining of the lining of the varieties, specifications, characteristics and the main quality indicators (such as heat shrinkage, washing shrinkage, washing and dry cleaning performance, peel strength, moisture regain, etc.) and the end of the cloth structure and performance, Hot melt type and lining cloth bonding pressure hot conditions have a full understanding of the range. (According to different circumstances) Fourth, the lining of the production process: the lining of the lining, the lining of the lining, the lining of the lining, Singeing - cooling - coating - packaging inspection five, which, located in the Yangtze River Delta region, Riverside sea, geographical conditions The unique development of a city, the late Qing Dynasty champion Zhang Jian hometown - Nantong, lining development is particularly compelling, including the predecessor of Nantong New Industry Interlining Co., Ltd., Nantong Yiyi Interlining Co., Ltd., to Nantong Yiyi Group, "Yiyi" brand lining Has to the international market. Six, China's bonded lining production will be more than 2 million meters, exports will reach 560 million meters, has become a world exporter of lining cloth. The first three years of the new century, China's lining industry rely on high-tech, has been initially out of low-cost competition situation, exports continue to expand, the scale of enterprises, on the grade, a brand, 3 years made a good start. The future business will usher in new opportunities and challenges. The performance of high-quality adhesive lining a. Can be firmly bonded with the fabric, after bonding soft and full of crisp, resilient, bonding fabric surface wrinkle back quickly. B. Adhesive temperature is low, shrinkage and fabric coordination. C. Adhesive coating uniform, uniform amount of fixation, adhesive without leakage, resistance to death, and long-term storage adhesive properties are unchanged. D. When cutting the lining between the non-adhesion, non-stick scissors, non-stick sewing needle, sewing machine, feeding smooth. Do not harm the physique of clothing, such as breathability.

In fact, a garment is outside the fabric, which is lining, the middle is lining, so under normal circumstances lining can not be directly seen, but those who need to form a stiff, full feel, smooth transition, reinforcement of the site, are Covering the lining. Lining cloth from the reinforcement, crisp role, in the final analysis is "modeling" and "security type", specifically, the role of lining the following aspects:

A) give the clothing a good curve and shape;

B) enhance the clothing crisp and flexible, enhance the three-dimensional;

C) to improve the drape of clothing and fabric feel, enhance the comfort of clothing;

D) increase the sense of thick clothing, fullness and insulation;

E) to prevent clothing deformation, so that clothing after washing to maintain the original shape;

F) some of the local clothing reinforcement and reinforcement role.

Therefore, the industry that the lining of the real clothing "skeleton" and "essence", especially the modern new lining of the application, can make clothing modeling and sewing process to obtain unexpected results.