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Outerwear Interlining The Role Of Different
Sep 15, 2017

Outerwear Interlining The role of different

Coat lining and cloth are in China's clothing industry has been applied, what is the difference between what? Coat lining manufacturers to explain.

Jacket lining is the seam in the collar, clothes, shoulders, cuffs and waistband inside the cloth. The role of jacket lining: is to set off the fabric, improve clothing performance, the appearance of a beautiful clothing played a significant role in promoting the clothing has a perfect shape, can make up for the lack of fabric performance. Jacket lining is the backbone of clothing, we are commonly known as adhesive lining. The lining of the jacket includes: adhesive lining, spun lining, non-woven lining, lined lining, double-sided lining, panty liner, shirt lining, coat lining, fur lining, composite lining and so on.

Li Bu is usually as clothing lining jacket, also known as lining, lining and so on. More common in the cloth varieties are: polyester taffeta, Shu Mei silk, rayon series, chiffon, satin and so on.

Through the above concept, we can sum up the main difference between lining and coat lining:

With different places: coat linings used in the collar, clothes, shoulders, cuffs and waistband, etc., and coat lining is used in the clothing lining inside;

The role of different: coat lining the image of the comparison of the skeleton of clothing and cloth is the coat of the jacket lining.

 With the progress of the times, jacket lining in the apparel industry has been applied. Its role with red maple jacket lining a simple look.

1, given to the beautiful curves and shapes of clothing;

2, enhance the clothing crisp and flexible, enhance the three-dimensional;

3, to improve clothing drape and fabric feel, enhance the comfort of clothing;

4, to enhance the sense of thick clothing, fullness and insulation;

5, to prevent clothing deformation, so that clothing after washing to maintain the original shape;

6, the local parts of the clothing has a reinforcement effect.

The physical properties of the jacket lining are the thickness of the jacket lining, the elasticity of the jacket lining, the ironing temperature of the jacket lining, and the pressure required for the jacket lining. Hubei manufacturers to cover the lining manufacturers to tell you.

1, non-woven jacket lining, woven jacket lining have different degrees of thickness, jacket lining and fabric thickness is also difficult to measure, can only use the visual, sensory to determine the thickness of the coat lining is usually classified as thin, Thick three types.

2, there are two kinds of spinning jacket lining elasticity, one is the elastic yarn material woven jacket lining itself has the elasticity, the other is the latitude and longitude system yarn weaving there is a gap due to the existence of stretching , The elasticity of the nonwoven jacket lining is the stretchability of the nonwoven fabric itself.

3, jacket lining Rough heat temperature refers to the jacket lining the heat of melting temperature, usually jacket lining with high temperature jacket lining, low temperature jacket lining two.

4, jacket lining hot on the fabric of the firmness and jacket lining hot solid temperature, jacket lining hot pressing the required pressure, ironing the length of time between the links, usually high temperature jacket lining hot pressure is relatively large, ironing Time is relatively long, on the contrary low-temperature jacket lining hot pressing pressure is relatively small, ironing time is relatively short.