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Outerwear Interlining Production Process
Aug 11, 2017

Outerwear Interlining Production Process

Modern clothing, emphasis on wearing style to reflect the comfort, soft, light and free and flexible. Bonding lining as a "clothing skeleton" is a clothing can not be missing accessories, and fabric with a reasonable, not only can fully reflect the design of clothing designers, and can achieve good results.

Warp knitted lining is a lining of cloth, refers to the use of warp knitted fabric for the cloth (this variety of base fabric I produced, click here to contact me), through the powder point, pulp point, double point and other coating processing Into the clothing with adhesive lining. Warp knitted liner lining the earliest production and application in Europe, including KUFNER, HANSEL, LAINIERE de PICARDIE and other well-known European manufacturers of linen series of linen series of rich varieties, more advanced technology and quality.

Warp knitted lining production process

The basic production process is: warp fabric - shrink (or cashmere) - dyeing - tiling stereotypes - Coating - Inspection Packaging. The width of the product is generally divided into 90cm, 122cm and 150cm, color to color, bleach, black, gray majority, women lining color changes to be more.

Warp knitted lining classification

Warp is not lining lining

It is made of polyester filament yarn (single comb), woven fabric weft, weft stretchable, large fabric and relatively thin, mainly for the latitude and longitude to have a larger elastic fabric such as DuPont's Lycra , The larger range of clothing parts and adhesive lining bond strength is not demanding clothing, the use of fine powder point coating, the coating is relatively small.

Warp full width lining weft lining (this variety of base fabric I produced, click here to contact me!)

One is velvet lining weft, lining weft with viscose yarn, fleece after the fabric feel soft and plump, due to the use of powder coating flexibility is poor, easy to blister, shrinkage and shrinkage difficult to control, fabric to adapt Is not popular, but not popular, but some feel soft matte double comb lining weft varieties to use double-point coating, to overcome the shortcomings of powder coating, to expand the adaptability of the fabric, in a lot of thick Type coat and uniforms or more use; the other is the polyester low elastic yarn lining weft, the general single comb knitting more, double comb, multi-comb knitting process to complex points, the species is still small. Low elastic yarn lining weft lining is the current mainstream warp knitted lining varieties, widely used. The use of powder coating, the process is simple, low cost, but the elastic feel less; the use of pulp coating is mainly used for the texture of thin, soft women's clothing, and clothing with a small part of the lining and the adhesion requirements High-cost clothing; the use of double-point coating better results, to adapt to a wider range, the better is the choice of thermosetting polyurethane (PUR) for the end of the flour, the choice of copolymer polyamide (PA), feel good, Strong adhesion, resistance to dry cleaning, no infiltration glue, the relative cost of the coating to a high point, in the high-end varieties applicable.