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Outerwear Interlining Pre-selected Adhesive Lining
Sep 26, 2017

Outerwear Interlining Pre-selected adhesive lining

Each garment process is not the same, even if the processing of the same clothing products, garment processing enterprises are also different processing technology. Therefore, the enterprises to deal with the use of knitted fabric binding equipment and its performance will be different.

In the pre-selected adhesive lining, you must first confirm the four conditions to be processed clothing (fabric shrinkage, pressure hot temperature, time and pressure, etc.), and then pre-selected adhesive lining, set the bonding conditions, The correctness of the selection. (Such as natural fiber 160 ℃, synthetic fiber is 140 ℃); according to the fabric tissue to set the pressure (such as the shuttle), according to the fabric design requirements of the fabric, fiber organization, set suitable for the fabric bonding temperature (for example, natural fiber 160 ℃, synthetic fiber 140 ℃) Fabric is 0.3kg / cm2, knitted fabric is 0.2kg / cm2); according to the quality of the fabric, the thickness of the adhesive lining, set the pressing time (refer to the adhesive lining factory designated fabric quality, thickness limit selected lining, Consistent with the adhesive bonding standard bonding pressure hot conditions).

Before setting the adhesive test, set the bonding time and conditions with reference to the above set temperature, set pressure, and test the standard of the test lining. Assuming the bonding pressure conditions, the test: adhesive force, adhesive leakage, feel change, fabric shrinkage, fabric appearance changes (discoloration, hairiness, imprint, hot light, etc.). In these test items, when an abnormal condition occurs, it is required to change the adhesive liner or the bonding condition and perform the bonding test again.

Adhesive test results are normal, the main verification of the middle and finished product pressing situation: adhesive leakage, reverse leakage. When abnormal, redo the relevant test.

Also need to do in line with the clothing design requirements of the washing test, testing: adhesion, adhesive leakage, feel, shrinkage and so on. When the result is abnormal, press the shrinkage item content again to test.

If the above test results without any problems, you can determine the final adhesive lining, bonding, bonding conditions.

Before the processing of the knitted linings, the specifications, quality and main indexes (such as shrinkage, peel strength, wrinkle recovery, etc.) and the types and characteristics of the base fabric, the types and characteristics of the hot melt adhesives, Pressure and hot pressing methods have a certain degree of understanding and understanding.

Before determining the processing technology, the relevant technical staff to use the same mass production and consistent with the bonding pressure conditions and methods of bonding test, to determine the adhesive peel strength, size changes, appearance changes and feel, etc. until qualified (If not meet the needs, need to continue to adjust the pressure test).