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Outerwear Interlining More Performance-based
Oct 30, 2017

Outerwear Interlining More performance-based

At present, the performance of the clothing lining tends to be more performance-based, pay the clothing lining domestic enterprises brand awareness, constantly develop new products, upgrading will help enterprise long-term development, strengthen enterprise management idea. Nowadays, clothing textiles are becoming more and more mature, and the trend of international platforms is becoming more and more obvious.

Changed, clothing textiles industry under the current development situation, still need to embody the characteristics of it in time, creativity is a new bright spot, nowadays, different textile lining on the convention and exhibition performance, a wide range of new ideas and new product new bright also emerge in endlessly; The exhibition, from the past to the present, shows the changes it has undergone over the years. From the past "homogenization" "running" to the present "branding" "creatification", reflects the good development momentum of China's garment industry. The idea is to outline the specific image of the product, give the person with a visual impact, create an artistic atmosphere for the product, the clothing product is also a work of art! On the other hand, the green environmental protection of clothing accessories is also the current trend, and more consumers are beginning to care about environmental protection and healthy life theory. So garment accessories must not only be more creative to environmental protection, environmental protection products is deep social preference, in addition to the soft lining cloth products, have good cohesiveness, wash these requirements, do not contain formaldehyde, azo free, this has become regular requirements of clothing lining cloth. However, in the current domestic many lining cloth in the enterprise, a famous brand or not, a large part of enterprises still need to strengthen environmental protection consciousness, improve the level of research and development, to make more creative products, based on the current development trend and market demand, constantly trying new development, constantly introducing new products, advancing with The Times, the market prospect is bright. At the end of cloth

Woven fabrics, knitwear and nonwoven fabrics of different weights and thicknesses can be used as base cloth to match different kinds of cloth and clothing. In addition, there is a new type of adhesive, which is full of plastic and has no base cloth, commonly known as double-sided adhesive lining, which can be used for the position of weldment, clothing, and cuffs. Glue (main function of lining)

Polyethylene rubber: polyethylene and hdpe. Ordinary polyethylene is mainly used for shirts, blouses and pajamas, etc. High density polyethylene anti - solubility enhancement, can be used in shirt collar.

Polyamide adhesive: especially suitable for dry cleaning, because dry cleaning agent has no effect on the adhesion and effects, suitable for the wide variety of cloth. Polyvinyl chloride adhesive: in operation, the vapor of the solvent gives off a bad smell, and the amount of this adhesive is more, so the "overside" situation is especially high. The adhesion does not weaken after dry cleaning, but the cloth will harden. Due to a variety of shortcomings, it is rarely used, generally used only on raincoats, because there is sufficient adhesion and moisture resistance.

Polyester: same as polyamide, but more suitable for washing, and can be used in lower temperature, dry cleaning and wet cleaning. When printed on the bottom of the cloth, the soft effect will be produced, especially for the blouses.