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Outerwear Interlining Lining Industry
Jul 13, 2017

Outerwear Interlining  lining industry

Prospects - China lining industry

With the slowdown in China's domestic history, clothing lining business enterprises face more and more cooperation for the hand, which for business cooperation is undoubtedly a serious test. And therefore the country's clothing lining business enterprises should rely on high-tech backward, lengthening high-tech enterprise renovation efforts; to maintain market-oriented, efficiency as the core to promote the transformation of business operations management; with the news and promote the cause of the lining of the domestic cooperation , To complete the real convergence with the domestic. Only this, the country's clothing lining capacity of the real accessories without "auxiliary", our clothing lining the cause of the future more and more narrow.

In front of the domestic lining of the cause of a wide range of small and significant short and high technology Junjie and governance Junjie, lining is simply imitation of overseas goods, the vast majority of lining the goods is in the high-grade, and overseas lining goods are quite different. After the exit of the WTO, the years of tariff bunkers and quota restrictions opened to the lining of the entrance to bring a greater time, but because the prosperity of the country's market operation is gradually closed, short-term lining cloth clothing import trade is not large Width climbing. As a result, the United States can be anti-marketing and anti-subsidy and other measures to sanction China, the Department of the existence of the abdomen of the instigation of enterprises to be fully aware of the seriousness of internal conditions. Enterprises have more than I master the entrance price, there is no appropriate cheap entrance, not only lose costs, and will lose the market. Another range of international companies should be the pace of divergence, of course, not to snatch the domestic market and the same room.

The size of the high-tech content has changed the main code for the victory of the garment lining business. After withdrawing from the WTO, Europe and the United States is the country is the use of high-tech goods as a resistance, with non-tariff skills fortress to control the country's entrance. Inside, the clothing lining the goods of environmental protection and insurance performance is a reaction to the larger resistance. Throughout the front of the national clothing car development is not difficult to find, many manufacturers are stopping the style of clothing is expected on the level of fabric and accessories, an interiors change the clothing design of the first choice, but a small number of manufacturers but for the fabric and accessories a village cloth The color, crisp, feel and other internal quality and consumers can be an indirect feeling of leakage, moisture absorption, wrinkle-free, etc. are in the quality of the request, for the clothing business profits of the fabric and accessories a lining price Care, and for the fabric and accessories can contain a harmless spirit, whether the reaction is not good for the human body is less concerned about the environmental protection, insurance and other areas to contemplate for the clothing fabrics and accessories an interlining of the choice is not much The However, in accordance with environmental protection and health care requests, if the entrance of the clothing (including fabrics and accessories - lining) using the domestic ban on the dye, or the goods contain the reaction to the formation of the human body harmless spirit