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New Situation Of Interlining Industry
Feb 25, 2017

New Situation of Interlining Industry

This was originally an "edge" industry, its "marginal" status from the manufacture of its products in the clothing in which the "secondary status", but at present, all the information that this had been "marginalized" The industry is gradually into the mainstream of the development track.

First, buttons, hot drilling, sequins, lace, metal fasteners and other interlining position in fashion design is increasingly being emphasized. It is no exaggeration to say that the use of these subtleties interlining category brought another layer of the realm of fashion design, whether it is high-end wedding dress, or the popular women's fashion and casual clothing, a duly dotted interlining, its a great feeling to change .

Longer interlining brand consciousness. Previously, interlining generally small scale enterprises as a whole, the overall market does not regulate the situation is quietly changed, is a group of companies began lining brand strategy. From a general sense, a group of leading brands and leading enterprises birth will herald a breakthrough in the development industry will be obtained.


Domestic interlining industry and garment industry one, after the reform of the past 30 years, has experienced rapid development. The current Chinese interlining industry in the international arena has had a considerable competitive edge. However, analysis of its development path, has shown its development of the "imbalance", this "imbalance" is reflected in the different categories of uneven development between each other. From the current industry status quo, in the whole interlining industry, is a zipper, lining and buttons of these three categories of the brilliant achievements led to the great development of the whole interlining industry.

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