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Made In China How To Break Through The Foreign Trade Dilemma
Mar 18, 2017

Pure cost price is difficult to completely resolve the crisis, strengthen independent innovation to grasp the industry chain upstream "voice" for long

By the U.S. subprime mortgage crisis, the appreciation of the renminbi, rising prices of raw materials and other factors, is famous for its cost advantage of "made in China" is losing its price advantage, facing unprecedented dilemma of foreign trade. On the 103th Canton fair, however, has a group of Chinese enterprises through independent innovation the siege, and gradually enters benign development track, for the "made in China" pointed out the direction of the break through the dilemma of foreign trade.   

Exports are grim

The reporter understands in the 103th Canton fair, are influenced by many factors, many enterprises have lowered expectations for export. According to customs statistics, in the first quarter of this year China's exports of $305.9 billion, up 21.4% from a year earlier, less than 6.4% during the same period last year.   

Qingdao a hand-woven products export business executives Han Chunpeng told reporters that the company is mainly rely on low-cost rural labor knitting products, exports about $5 million last year, but due to the recent rising price of raw materials, rising labor costs, and the export price and difficult to rise up, on exports could reach $4 million this year.   

Import and export co., LTD., general manager of ningbo oakes Wang Wengen said, in the face of rising cost pressures, ningbo some air conditioning "assembly" factory has shut down, because they rely on earning a meagre assembly processing enterprises is difficult to resist the raw material prices and an appreciation of the renminbi.   

Reporters also found that in the process, in fact, these expectations lower export enterprises are labor-intensive enterprises or is completely rely on processing trade enterprises. When start rising cost pressures, the disadvantage of the enterprise is in the appreciation of the renminbi, raw material prices and other factors, under the press of and because in the industrial chain of low-end, lack of "discourse" in the process of trade.   

In addition, under the influence of various foreign trade barriers, some enterprises have to lower export expectations. Such as comes into effect in February 29, the label and regulations for the instruments for barriers to set up new energy consumption of the imports of household appliances in China. , jiaxing like electric appliance co., LTD. Export manager jian-zhong li said that the current export profits of a refrigerator is only a couple of dollars, this will make the competition between enterprises is more direct, more intense, the company had to temporarily give up the plan to expand the business.   

Innovation enhanced voice

On the 103th Canton fair, when part of the "made in China" was a cold snap in a foreign trade at the same time, some efforts from "made in China" to "created in China" enterprise also brings warm feeling the independent innovation, and put forward the "independent innovation brand, swear to clinch a deal to leap" goal.   

According to a ningbo lamps and lanterns, head of the enterprise, in order to cope with the rising cost pressure, the company independently developed a set of lamps and lanterns to supply wind-light complementary system, detection and just passed the relevant departments. Thought that on the first day of the opening in the Canton fair, there will be a Nigerian foreign order for 260 sets, worth more than $70, turnover this year is expected to grow by about thirty percent.   

"This is because the independent innovation products more profits space." Yangzhou jianghai chun-mei jiang cultural goods co., LTD. Manager, told reporters that although the company is producing small brush, but the company has the other brushes, introduced technology, and expanded the function of the brush into a gift, at present, the company has applied for patents, 8 and every year will launch some new products, is now a more expensive brushes can sell for 200 yuan, the profit should be greater than the profit of export a CRT color TV.   

Look from the macro economic development situation, the appreciation of the renminbi and production prices or will continue, and "cheap" as the selling point of the "made in China", the price rises, after all, is limited, pure price cannot be completely crisis of the cost. Therefore, strengthening the independent innovation, advance industrial chain upstream to grasp the "voice", is the crack problems of foreign trade for a long time.   

In response, the industry that conditional of the first companies to focus on the core patent technology research and development. In the process of research and development, enterprises should make full use of market mechanism, broaden areas of cooperation, carrying out various forms of union, thus saving research and development costs and avoid the risk of r&d.   

At the same time, under the condition of temporarily unable to grasp the core patent technology, enterprises should pay attention to strengthen the design innovation, such as konka recent launch of the M INI flat-panel TV, although the company is not produce LCD core components, but through the design to win the market, such as appearance, etc.   

In addition, to promote enterprise innovation also need help from the government. On tax revenue, fiscal policy government should encourage enterprises to innovation, and provide the relevant foundation platform construction, pays special attention to the implementation of major science and technology projects, build a batch of production, with the combination of industry alliance, public technology platform and application service center and other measures to support the industrial upgrading, and strengthen the protection of intellectual property rights.


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