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Interlining The Company's Products Of The Four-bomb
Oct 26, 2016

In the general clothing accessories industry, many products are unknown, but there are a lot of necessities, all kinds of lining, such as Fusible Interlining, Simian Dan, hot-rolled non-woven lining, and so on. Of course, as a professional to provide accessories gold leaf lining, the company will put the main products and specifications to do some more detailed explanation.

Four-sided stretch fabric is a certain flexibility of the fabric, mainly for human activities to maintain the appearance of clothing, clothing, knees, elbows and other parts not to wear for a long time and deformation of muster. Interlining company recommended two models, SB8313 and SB8417, the two specifications of the properties, including width, composition, coating, powder are the same, but in terms of weight are very different.

On the four sides of the bonding conditions are different according to their machines have different temperature, pressure and time, there are flat-type pressing machine and continuous pressing machine. Of course, also need to take into account a lot of specific details, of course, some parameters have been provided in the official website.

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