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Interlining Reinforcement And Reinforcement
Aug 11, 2017

Interlining Reinforcement and reinforcement

Interlining is the backbone of clothing, a good lining is the essence of clothing, especially the application of modern lining cloth, clothing modeling and sewing process to get unexpected results, the role of lining can be summarized as the following aspects:

 ① give clothing beautiful curves and shape.

 ② enhance the clothing crisp and flexible, enhance the three-dimensional sense

 ④ enhance the sense of thick clothing, fullness and insulation.

 ③ improve clothing drape and fabric feel, enhance the comfort of clothing.

 ⑤ to prevent clothing deformation, so that clothing after washing to maintain the original shape.

 ⑥ local parts of the clothing with reinforcement reinforcement role.

Lining cloth is so important for clothing, so with the development of China's garment industry, lining industry will also be rapid development. Now, although the output of lining cloth to meet the needs of the garment industry, but in the variety and quality grade is also lagging behind the development of the garment industry. In the future, linings need to develop more varieties and continuously improve product quality, for China's garment industry to achieve brand-name strategy to make due contributions.

The lining is made of woven fabrics, knitted fabrics and nonwovens, etc., with or without the use of thermoplastic polymer compounds, special machinery for special finishing processing, for clothing or shoes and other inner reinforcement, crisp And other effects, and fabric bonding (or non-adhesive) of the special clothing accessories.

 (1) clothing lining: refers to the garment processing, in order to show the characteristics of clothing design, used in all parts of the clothing inside a textile material.

 (2) fabric: commonly known as the end of cloth, weaving fabric with fabric.

 (3) cotton and linen lining: that is not finishing or only sizing straight finishing cotton or linen, is more primitive lining.

 (4) woven resin black carbon lining: also known as wool lining, is made of cotton, chemical fiber, wool pure cotton or blended as a veil, chemical fiber and yak wool or other animal wool blended as weft, woven into the base fabric, and by Resin finishing the lining.

 (5) woven resin lining: cotton and chemical fiber pure spinning, blended woven or knitted fabric, drift or dyeing and other finishing, and made by the resin finishing lining. Referred to as resin lining.