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Interlining Huge Development Space
Oct 30, 2017

Interlining Huge development space

At present, China is lining cloth industry the main characteristic of the small and medium-sized enterprises, most of the small and medium-sized enterprises (smes) in the following one hundred people, to improve technical process, the lack of professional lining cloth management talent, and no lining cloth professional knowledge training institutions, production technology by self learning and accumulation, and communication and the introduction of technical personnel to develop industry.

Lining cloth industry tend to be small scale development gradually, choose domestic production equipment, although domestic equipment developing rapidly in recent years, but with imported advanced equipment in the precision, efficiency and suitability of the product still have very big distinction, in recent years, advanced lining cloth coating machine lining cloth enterprise current quality improve a lot of, some varieties was better than that of the import and export of lining cloth.

Although lining cloth is a main auxiliary materials used in the clothing, in the textile industry is a small child industry, however, as the world textile trade and opening up, China's garment industry the release of the huge production capacity, complete with textile industry chain, industrial supporting sound, lining cloth industry still has a huge space for development. Fashion and lining cloth was upstream and downstream supply relationship, not only a sense of contradiction, and depend on each other dependent partnership, garment industry with the lack of the lining cloth is absolutely can't form an effective whole. Mutual cooperation and common development is the development of two lines and the need to overcome international enterprises. Application in the clothing, the action of the most popular adhesive lining cloth is most emphasized by adhesive instead of sewing, simplified process, adaptation of wide, crisp and elastic, out of clothes and cover type. Now, lining cloth as the soul of "fashion", "clothing skeleton", "support" clothing, pay more attention to its intelligence and inspiration can reflect the design of costume designer, fully embodies the clothing fashion and personality, to show the status of lining cloth in the garment industry, a complementary makings is not "auxiliary", also can do the "primary".

Sorts by main raw material - hot melt adhesive lining cloth, mainly has high density polyethylene HDPE lining cloth, low density polyethylene (LDPE lining cloth, ethylene vinyl acetate Zhi EVA lining cloth, ethylene vinyl acetate Zhi saponification EVAL lining cloth, polyethylene Zhi PES lining cloth, polyamide PA lining cloth and so on. The linings are classified according to the production process, mainly including heat transfer lining, film lining, retinal lining, powder lining, powder point lining, slurry point lining, double point cloth, etc. The linings are classified by use, mainly with fashion linings, suits, shirting, and now mainstream chiffon lining.

The development of clothing lining cloth is not hard to find in China, many manufacturers have to stay at the design level, lining cloth, though become the choice of the development of clothing design, but most of the manufacturers only on the appearance quality of the lining cloth color, crisp and handle and consumers can direct perception of breathable, moisture absorption, anti-wrinkle, such as inherent quality requirements, the texture of the lining cloth, feeling, comfortable is the beginning of a good clothing, lining cloth is good then make clothing will be comfortable, get the favour of people. Therefore, the lining industry is an equally important relationship in the clothing industry, which cannot be separated from each other.