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In 2017 Four Textile Industry Chaos: Raw Materials Skyrocketing, The Interlining Fabric Is Difficult To Rise
Mar 03, 2017

In 2017 four textile industry chaos: raw materials skyrocketing, the fabric is difficult to rise

In early 2017, the price of raw materials can be described as the topic of industry. On the other side, in the air above the printing and dyeing industry is gathered public attention, one would board wind sways grass industry portal headlines. The raw materials and dyeing costs all this finger are pointing to the weaving industry in the downstream side of the pressure, the cost to the weaving industry temporarily difficult to have a good conduction, various complains on chemical fiber weaving industry chaos caused by the chief of the boss. Although the market is in a good direction, the industry also warning reasonable development of the industry again and again. But after the Spring Festival, the price storm still caused by raw materials and by the end, prices caused by industry chaos are beginning to ferment. Textile people still keep their eyes open, after all, one is the kingly way.

Check four chaos chemical fiber weaving industry at present:

1. raw materials skyrocketing, interlining fabric encounter difficult to raise prices

Since the end of 2016, the raw material price surge has let weaving enterprises overwhelmed, sadly after the Spring Festival, and a wave of price cuts ready to market, also call a chemical fiber raw material prices, the rising trend.

The interlining fabric market, it is undeniable that the current situation of weaving enterprises compared to previous years did better, but the raw materials brought up end instead of leaving fabric prices rose simultaneously, instead of huge cost pressure has made the enterprise difficult.

2. printing and dyeing and weaving capacity funnel type structure is not reasonable

Printing and dyeing industry is a key link in the deep processing of textile products, was the bottleneck restricting the development of Chinese textile industry, after 20 years of continuous development, printing and dyeing wastewater and waste gas has become the Chinese environment bad influence industry greatly, resulting in printing and dyeing capacity continue to shrink.

In the city of Shengze textile industrial cluster as an example, weaving capacity in 2016 in the town of Shengze in about 12 billion meters, and the dyeing ability and matching in only 3 billion meters, the huge capacity gap makes the printing and dyeing industry occupies the absolute right to speak in weaving.

3. orders are, and then take or not, it's both to be dead

Indeed, since October last year, the weaving market has emerged in recent years, the market is difficult to meet, in the inventory empty at the same time, the majority of enterprises have received orders. But there is a problem of textile enterprise production cycle, whether export or domestic, there is an unwritten rule, that the majority of enterprises are often in this month from the list, and through the production of printing and dyeing and other links, often after more than 1 months to the fabric products to customers, orders and products the price is in accordance with the current market price positioning.

And since last year, more than 1 months of raw material price variables is too great, now fabric enterprises have been under pressure to end cost earn a meager profits, and if the cost of rising product prices unchanged, as can be imagined, perhaps to do with cloth boss kuibenmaimai.

Recently, when I visited the market, a cloth boss also quipped, it seems that the inventory is empty, the order is there, the business is good, but in the case of sharp fluctuations in the market, orders are not connected with a pit"!

4. empty inventory for the money into the machine, whether it will be killed its own life?

Recently there is a popular saying: "wind past killed or pig!" when the years of textile market downturn has let practitioners gradually lose confidence, and no hope. However, I do not know when the breeze came on the market, the station on the air outlet, inventory clearance, the goods are also urged to pay.... many cloth owners have begun to sigh, and finally boil over!

In the blind optimistic expectations, the author around a lot of cloth bosses began buying the machines, or the machine replacement, a good market to the enterprise benefit, on the other hand weaving machine is indeed the boss update its own production of fabric is not in accord with the requirements of buyers fabric quality, texture, style, not to be present situation of market acceptance can only be eliminated, have to pay big bucks to introduce new machines.

Of course, I also hope that the real arrival of the industry boom, but I want to remind that the industry outlook is also

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