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How To Choose A High Quality Fusible Interlining
Jan 12, 2017

Fusible interlining is a very common and important interlining, it can be used in all garments. Fusible interlining order will over 80% in interlining wholesaler business. How to choose high quality fusible interlining is always a problem in interlining business.
Fusible interlining is made of fabric and glue,and fusible
 interlining quality is decided by fabric and glue quality.Let us talk about the fabric first.

About the fabric

Always, fabric have three kinds. Are 100% polyester, 100% cotton and nylon. Further, nylon could be divided into 50% nylon and 50% polyester, 80% nylon and 40% polyester, 60% nylon and 40% polyester.
Whatever is woven interlining or non-woven interlining, their composition all possible are 100% polyester, but for 100% cotton, it just suit for woven interlining, nylon only for non-woven interlining.

 About the glue

Glue have PA glue, PES glue, PES and PA glue. PA glue have import and made in China glue, The quality of imported PA glue is the best. Best quality means the most expensive at the same time. Which situation need to use PA glue, PES glue, PA and PES glue?

 1. PA glue

The interlining need to wash with nitrate wash, stone-washing, specially suit for interlining which temperature need above 80 degree. Some very thin fabrics and the fabric contain the silicone oil need to use PA glue. PA glue advantage is have a low temperature when interlining combined with fabric, resistant to dry cleaning and washing. Disadvantage is have a high price.

2. PES glue

Now most of interlining’s composition are PES glue, its price is a bit lower than PA glue and it fit for 100% cotton, polyester, polyester cotton. Its advantage is suit for all of high, middle, low-end garment fabric, resistant water washing. But its adhesiveness worse than PA glue, some very low price of PES glue couldn’t be washed for many times.
3. PES + PA glue

It fits for special fabrics, such as more than 80% polyester, it always be used in big chemical fiber and middle chemical fiber for save cost. Its disadvantage is have limit in washing way.

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