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Hot - Rolled Non - Woven Lining Of Gold Leaf Interlining Products
Oct 26, 2016

Changshu Jinye Lining is a professional supplier of down cotton, lining cloth and other manufacturers, the company has a long history of distinct culture, product independent research and development, production and sales of integrated companies, the company is hot-rolled non-woven products for the specific parameters of analysis:

Hot-rolled non-woven lining is a kind of non-woven lining, lining industry in a relatively wide range of uses, the most important range of applications in the high-grade high-quality men's clothing for a variety of thickness of the fabric, the main

Main front lining. Or this section of fabric good feel and flexibility in men's clothing, fashion, jackets front lining with excellent use, of course, in men's top can also be used for collars and general small parts, versatile. The bonding conditions are relatively simple, flat-type pressing machine temperature requirements in the 130-150 ℃, pressure 0.8-2.0kg / m², generally 12-16S can.

We, Shanghai Doublegull Textile Co., Ltd. has focused on top quality woven interlining & bedding fabrics products for over 30 years in China. We started as a small operation, but now have become one of the leading suppliers in the interlining industry & home textile industry in China.

Today, DOUBLEGULL has been one of the top producers of quality woven interlining, bedding fabrics and bedding sets products, such as: shirt interlining, outerwear interlining, casual wear interlining, waistband interlining, cap interlining, Arabian thobe interlining, bedding fabrics and bedding sets.

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