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Garment Interlining Industry Outlook In China
Feb 10, 2017

At present, China interlining industry generally small scale and a serious lack of high-technology and management talents, lining is basically imitation of foreign products, the vast majority of interlining products in medium and low levels, and there is a wide gap between foreign interlining products. After joining the WTO, tariff and quota restrictions over the years open to interlining exports brought more space, but due to the operation of the market in developed countries is gradually open, short interlining and garment export trade can not be significantly climb. In addition, the United States through anti-dumping and countervailing measures to punish China, these hidden legacy of forcing companies to fully understand the seriousness of the external environment. Companies need a good grasp of their own export prices, inadequate low-priced exports, only the loss of profits, but will lose market. The other hand, domestic enterprises should act in unison, do not kill each other in order to compete the international market.

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