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Cotton Bedding Fabric Cotton Is Very Soft
Jun 14, 2017

Cotton Bedding Fabric Cotton is very soft

Bedding generally use cotton, polyester cotton, yarn-dyed cotton as fabric, a variety of fabrics have their own characteristics, the price is not the same, the industry experts to introduce a variety of fabric characteristics and identificatin methodso. First, the cotton is very soft cotton feel good, comfortable, easy to dye, flower variety changes rich, soft and warm, strong hygroscopicity, washable, with less static, bedding is widely used material; but easy to wrinkle, Easy to shrink, poor flexibility, acid and alkali, should not be above the high temperature of Celsius for a long time, so cotton products, when the best wet spray, easy to iron. Conditional, then, after each use of steam iron will be ironing the product, the effect will be better. Second, yarn-dyed cotton shrinkage yarn-dyed cotton is a kind of cotton fabric, is the use of different colors, weft woven into. As the first dyeing, the dye permeability, color fastness is better, and the heterogeneous yarn fabric three-dimensional sense of strong, unique style, bedding and more performance for the strip pattern. It has the characteristics of cotton fabric, but usually shrinkage is greater. Third, jacquard cotton thicker high-density high-density jacquard cotton fabric latitude and longitude density is particularly large, rich changes in weaving, so fabric feel thick, durable performance, high fabric finish, cotton fabric is a more advanced one. Fourth, the price of polyester and polyester polyester polyester brand products generally use polyester, cotton ratio of polyester and cotton fabrics, polyester and cotton are divided into plain and twill two. Plain polyester cotton cloth thin, strength and wear resistance are very good, shrinkage is very small, made of product appearance is not easy to go aliasing, and affordable, durable performance is good, but comfortable fit as cotton. In addition, because polyester is not easy to dye, so polyester-cotton fabrics are mostly light, light colors, more suitable for spring and summer use. Twill polyester cotton is usually thicker than the plain weave, so it is dense thick, the surface gloss, feel better than plain weave. Five, the most smooth silk silk appearance gorgeous, rich, natural soft and flashing effect, feel comfortable, high strength, elasticity and hygroscopicity than cotton is good, but easy to dirty, strong heat resistance to cotton than cotton. Its fiber cross section was a unique triangle, local moisture reflection after the light changes, easy to form water stains and difficult to eliminate, so the silk fabric to pad white cloth.

Bedding fabric development: China's traditional bedding combined with a single fabric, as long as the coarse cotton, silk and satin; eighty-month mid-range of the treadmill,

Acrylic and polyester cotton; continue to the beginning of the ninety years, combed cotton fabric was small quantities listed, to today, expensive expensive satin, jacquard and yarn-dyed fabrics such as cotton has been gradually bear, become the mainstream market.