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Common Market, There Are What Kind Of Adhesive Shirt?
Oct 26, 2016

Binding shirt is a product in line with the fabric, in order to better show the beauty of clothes. With the adhesive shirt into our lives, large and small life details reflect the use of Fusible Interlining. Bonding shirt is not only widely used, but also a wide range.

The classification of the fusible interlining, which can be used by the end of cloth material, coating materials, etc. to distinguish. The use of the fusible interlining is very flexible, he can make the fabric supple obedient, so that the fabric trim type. This product is some of the fabric companies need, they use these products, so that some works more meaningful, more artistic.

There are many kinds of fusible interlining, there is no fusible interlining, fabric fusible interlining and double-sided fusible interlining. Different functions of the lining is not the same, the production process is not the same, use is not the same.

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