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Chinese Clothing Industry Textiles Face Brand Strategy
Mar 18, 2017

To strengthen the linkage effect of the apparel industry chain, propel the development of the industry as a whole, Shanghai will be in 17 solstice on the 18th of this month was held in Shanghai mart international textiles face market promotion activities, and launch seminar series at the same time, focus on industrial textiles face hot problems, promoting the international competitiveness of garment industry from the source.

According to introducing, this promotion, will have more than hundred enterprises with domestic and international professional buyers, clothing textiles face enterprise communication and procurement, categories including lace embroidery, buttons, zippers, trademark tag, lace ribbon, clothing accessories, lining the lining cloth, hanger items, packaging, etc.

The analysis of the personage inside course of study, the clothing industry textiles face huge capacity, scale, but due to lack of effective integration and product innovation, to the whole garment industry chain value enhancement effect is not obvious. Especially China textiles face products have long relied on low price competition, brand strategy serious lack, lead to low value-added products, enterprise survival difficult, in the role of the whole industry chain is negligible.

Zipper, for example, China with an annual output of 28 billion meters of zipper, sales of more than 25 billion yuan, the staff more than 1 million people, is worthy of the name of the zipper first superpower. But China's zipper industry is large, but not strong, the product quality and innovation degree of gap is not small, compared with YKK, Japan and other international famous brand in the high-end clothing, bags and other supporting the market share is not high, low product added value. Zipper industry are faced with the problem reflects the whole clothing industry textiles face big but not strong mutual embarrassment.

Recently, as the implementation of brand strategy, zipper industry in China for the first time China hardware products association voted "China's zipper industry top ten famous brand", dedicated to by the famous brand, high quality strategy launched China's brand in the global market. During the promotion day, "2005 China excellent printing fabric collection" the results will be posted at the same time, the appraisal organized by China's dyeing and printing industry association launched, in thousands of printed fabrics enterprises involved in screening out of more than 200 printed fabrics production enterprise the contestant, finally there are 53 shortlisted for the enterprise.


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