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Casual Wear Interlining Twill Fabric
Jun 08, 2017

 Casual Wear Interlining Twill fabric

Dress up shirt is a must for men, many people need to wear such a shirt for at least five days a week, every day to wear the same white traditional collar button button shirt, it seems too rigid, and constantly updated shirt reserves The

1. Color: medium shades of color. Dark colors and heavy colors are more popular colors, white and light blue is the classic color.

2. Style: Never think that white collar buckle button shirt can only press the bottom of the box, slightly stretchable fabric made of the shirt is now the most popular.

3. Collar style: collar buckle button or dark buckle shirt is the traditional style, sharp collar is the most fashionable style, British lapel is expected to be popular style.

4. Button: shell texture buttons at all times better than the paint button, it looks more beautiful. More glossy and more durable, and some shirts may be the form of dark buckle. In any form, should be buttoned with these buttons, rolled up the shirt collar in any case are unsightly.

5. Cuff: French cuff is a classic style, it uses cufflinks instead of buttons to fix. This style looks more elegant. Needles per inch: Pick a more tightly sewn shirt. Well-made shirts per inch (2.54 cm) suture should have at least 14 needles.

6. Material: Twill fabric is the eternal fashion, the best choice for long-term investment. Other sophisticated materials include: wide thin wool, worsted cloth and poplin. Casual shirt selection workplace, always wear white shirt The tie, wearing a formal, look a little too stiff lack of change, but wearing other clothing and fear too frivolous, then wearing a casual shirt is a good choice. Simple lines and changing colors, so you with jeans. Are unconventional.

Dark casual shirt is the most basic, between the formal and leisure, just entered the community boy, you can choose it, can be removed with the wrong wear. White is also the best match with a single product, with any Color is not wrong, water blue lattice casual shirt, the most suitable for youthful youth, and blue is a good match with one of the colors, simple colors do not need extra accessories. Bright colors never retreat popular, Dim color will also affect the color and mood, the most basic and must immediately have is white and blue, you can also try to bold a little lattice or bright colors, and even flowers and flowers. Jacket design can be a single wear can also match , A dress to wear, very cost-effective, casual shirt style is very diverse, there are straight. Loose. Neutral and other options, may wish to try to see the retro style and neutral style in recent years, there may be unexpected Good effect.