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Cap Interlining High Elastic Woven Lining
Jun 08, 2017

Cap Interlining High elastic woven lining

High elastic woven lining. The varieties of special treatment process, the product performance quite a bomb, with the current market on the four sides of the cloth lining and micro-elastic lining different cloth, easy to cut without curling, and fabric does not affect the fabric after the ductility, to adapt to the fabric of the expansion, Especially for flexible woven jacket, skirt, high-grade knitted jacket, etc . coating raw materials used in the standard of anti-nitrogen washing, peel strength is high, to ensure that the daily washing is not degumming no foam deformation.

(B) super-invisible anti-permeability series of lining. The current thickness of 10D / 15D / 20D / 30D / 50D and color series, spray process meticulous, cloth soft, cloth can not see traces of powder, suitable for chiffon, georgette, electric spinning, silk and other thin fabrics, The ability to reach 95%, a fundamental solution to the production process through the plastic exposed white point problem.

(C) seamless down jacket fabric. Do not have to line, do not gallbladder cloth, never loose cashmere, the pitch can be freely customized, as long as the main fabric for hot melt adhesive bonding, bonding can be finished after filling, turn a single speed, save man-hours, cost savings, the product This year has been widely used in Uniqlo.

 Product sales after the sale of gratifying, these products selling the market craving good raw materials, fierce competition in the market, the product is often reflected in the excellent details of the perfect! Adhere to the spirit of craftsmen, to do something better to have loyal customers!

Concerned about the demand itself, stronger products, has become the consensus of the manufacturing sector. In October held in China Textile Industry Federation Autumn Exhibition has been fully reflected. This exhibition includes China International Textile Fabrics and Accessories (Autumn and Winter) Expo, China International Clothing & Accessories Fair 2015 (Autumn), China International Knitting (Autumn and Winter) Expo and China International Textile Yarn (Autumn and Winter) exhibition, four exhibitions, show Out of manufacturing new energy.

 The exhibition, at home and abroad nearly 6,000 outstanding surface materials enterprises, yarn business and clothing, knitting brand will be similar to the area of more than 30 million square meters.

This year, China International Textile Fabrics and Accessories (Autumn and Winter) Expo will use nine pavilions, once again refresh the exhibition history. And this year for the first time held by the China International Clothing & Accessories Fair 2015 (autumn) opened CHIC spring and autumn two show linkage of the new pattern, the integration of Pure SHANGHAI, CHIC-trend brand exhibition two very "exhibition" , The scene also organized a 19 clothing business forum and more than 10 games "CHIC show" to meet the diversified business needs. The current China International Textile Yarn (autumn and winter) exhibition attracted from the 10 countries and regions, 258 domestic and foreign enterprises to bring the latest yarn products exhibitors. This year, the yarn show continued to release the "2015/2016 China fiber trends." In addition, 2015 China International Nonwovens Exhibition and high-end forums have hundreds of exhibitors at home and abroad.