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Bedding Sets Functional Textile Types
Jul 31, 2017

Bedding Sets  functional textile types

1 functional textile types

Textiles from the space form of one-dimensional, two-dimensional and three-dimensional points. Fiber, yarn, rope, etc. are one-dimensional form, the fabric is a two-dimensional form, multi-axial three-dimensional weaving are three-dimensional form. The various functions of textiles are manifested through these forms.

We usually refer to the textiles are mostly two-dimensional form of fabric, can be classified according to weaving, such as woven fabrics, knitted fabrics and non-woven fabrics, etc., can also be classified according to the application areas, such as industrial textiles, clothing and home Decorative textiles and bedding with textiles.

Emphasizing the application of textile performance is the basic characteristics of functional textile products. Different applications require different performance of textiles, textiles in a variety of functions in the application to be reflected. Therefore, functional textiles in accordance with the application of the classification, can be divided into industrial functional textiles, clothing with functional textiles, home decoration features textiles and bedding with functional textiles. Classification by specific function can be divided into many categories.

2 functional textile performance

Different functional textiles have different properties.

(1) Industry functional textiles

Functional textiles used in various fields of industry. Protection against textiles: according to the use of fire, fire, chemical, radiation, warm, heat, water, wind, anti-shock, anti-noise and other properties; industrial production of textiles: respectively, filter, Such as waterproofing, water retention, solid soil, sealing and other properties; construction and geotextile textiles: according to the use of requirements were enhanced, reinforced, waterproof, water seepage, fire, separated Medical, textiles and other functions; medical textiles: according to the use of requirements, respectively, with antibacterial, sterilization, water, water, waterproof breathable, biodegradable, biological and other functions; sports, entertainment textiles: according to the use of Requirements, respectively, with enhanced, light, flexible, wearable, waterproof and breathable, moisture and moisture and a variety of strange visual effects and other functions; military, defense textiles: according to the use of requirements were anti-chemical, radiation, concealment, temptation , Fire retardant, bulletproof, enhanced, durable, light, warm, cold, waterproof, wind, moisture and other properties; Aerospace textiles: according to the use of requirements were high strength, light weight, warm, heat, high temperature, flame retardant, impact resistance, anti-radiation and other functions.

(2) Textiles for functional fabrics

Clothing materials and industrial textiles with different requirements for product performance, pay more attention to the appearance and wearing comfort requirements, that is more attention to sensory functions, including touch function (soft, warm, cool, dry, etc.), visual function (color, style (Taste, odor, eliminate odor, etc.) and the basic use of the function (strength, dimensional stability, anti-shrink, moth, etc.). Of course, some of the functions of industrial textiles also arouse the interest of enterprises and consumers, often cited in the clothing with textiles, such as antibacterial, sterilization, flame retardant, radiation protection.

(3) home decoration function of textiles and bedding

Textiles With the increasing living environment, people's demand for textiles from the clothing with textiles has been gradually extended to people living in every corner of the home decoration, bedding, textile demand is growing, more and more of their functional requirements The more intense, from the general requirements of a single visual development to more functional requirements, such as fire-retardant, noise, noise, shading, insulation, moth, anti-fouling, dust, easy to wash, waterproof, warm, health, color , Fragrance, eliminate odor, green health and other functions.