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Bedding Sets Development Overview
Jul 13, 2017

Bedding Sets Development overview

An overview of the development of Chinese bedding

  The development of the textile industry must be accompanied by the improvement of people's living standards, peace and prosperity, life will think of to improve the living environment, improve the quality of life. Textile industry in accordance with its end-use can be divided into three industries, namely clothing textiles industry, industrial textiles and decorative textiles industry, decorative textiles industry is also known as the home textiles industry, bedding industry in accordance with the use of different groups Can be divided into home textiles and hotel textiles, bedding industry in the bedding design, production, processing, sales, is an important part of the home textiles industry.

 At present, the bedding industry concentration is still relatively low, can dominate the market brand has not yet formed, the price competition or low-end products, large shopping malls in the bedding competition gradually shifted to the brand competition. China's rapid development of bedding industry, the rapid growth of market size, export volume and foreign exchange also maintained a simultaneous growth. The annual output value of the bedding industry accounted for 1/3 of the total output value of the textile industry. At present, there are thousands of domestic bedding manufacturers, the output value has more than 100 billion yuan. In the next 10 years, the bedding industry will become one of the most promising industries in China's textile industry.

In the textile industry seemingly brilliant at the same time, objective analysis, it is undeniable that the development of China's bedding and developed countries is still in the initial stage, from the bedding product structure point of view, middle and low product overproduction, and high technological content , High value-added products, the proportion of low, can not meet into the "well-off" society after the consumer in the bedroom culture and health awareness needs. Consumption growth of middle-income groups will be the core driving force for China's bedding industry to enhance. In China's richest Pearl River Delta, the Yangtze River Delta and other places, middle-income groups have begun to dominate. Hotel textiles as a major development to promote the textile industry, breaking the bottleneck of the industry a big positive factor in recent years has been developed by leaps and bounds in the textile market share has also been greatly improved. The promotion of the market economy is bound to bring more opportunities, the textile industry should keep up with the trend, keep up with the pace of development, the introduction of more and better products for China's textile industry to contribute to greater development, of course, Can provide people with a more comfortable living environment. Bamboo fiber textile products cover bamboo fiber towels towels, bamboo fiber bed products, bamboo fiber socks, bamboo fiber clothing, and so people close to all aspects of life, it shows the health characteristics, skin characteristics, in improving people's quality and quality of life At the same time, also changed the competitive landscape of related industries. Bamboo fiber in the whole process does not contain any chemical additives, is a true sense of the green fiber. And has a natural antibacterial, antibacterial, anti-mite, deodorant and anti-ultraviolet effect, with good permeability, water absorption, good dyeing and other excellent features. Was praised as "will breathe the ecological home textiles", "fiber queen" and other reputation.