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Arabian Thobe Interlining Feel Soft
Jun 14, 2017

Arabian Thobe Interlining Feel soft

Interlining and fabric bonding

1, can be firmly bonded with the fabric, after bonding soft and full of strong, resilient, bonding fabric surface wrinkle back quickly.

2, the bonding temperature is low, shrinkage and fabric coordination.

3, the adhesive coating uniform, uniform amount of fixation, adhesive without leakage, resistance to death, and long-term storage adhesive properties are unchanged.

4, when cutting between the lining is not mutual adhesion, non-stick cut scissors, non-stick sewing needle, sewing machine, feeding smooth.

5, does not damage the clothing of the physiological, such as breathable.

Prerequisites for bonding billet to fabric

1, Adhesive machine: Bonding machine generally have two kinds of drum and flat plate.

2, the bonding conditions: bonding conditions, including bonding temperature, pressing time and pressure three aspects. In a certain range of three elements when there is a certain relationship between the interaction. The temperature increases, the pressure increases, the hot pressing time can be relatively shortened, and vice versa. The temperature is too high, hot pressing time is too long, it is easy to damage the performance and color of the fabric, but also easy to produce through plastic, the pressure is too large, easy to damage the fabric (especially thin fabrics) appearance.

3, the choice of bonding conditions: in large quantities before production, must be repeated testing of bonding conditions to determine the best process conditions (test sample, the lining of the supplier should provide bonding conditions for reference).

Interlining and fabric bonding. Peeled off, if the hot melt adhesive lining and fabric on the uniform distribution, then the appropriate bonding conditions, or should be re-tested. Bonding to the fabric to be flat, no wrinkles, no foam, no glue. After bonding, to carry out stripping strong, dry cleaning, washing performance test, the test results to achieve the requirements of production. The effect of bonding to achieve the style of clothing, feature requirements.

Use the lining of the front parts: the front of the clothing, inside the edge, collar, split head, after the film, pocket, bag cover, belt, lead, placket, cuffs, stickers, sleeves, Mouth, cuff and so on.

(Depending on the situation), the lining of the lining, the lining of the lining, the lining of the lining, the lining of the lining,

Production Process

Singeing - cold heap - retreat bleaching - drying - tiling stereotypes - on the resin - baking - coating - packaging inspection.