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Adhesive Lining Effectively Increases The Thickness Of The Softening Fabric For Ease Of Fabrication
Oct 26, 2016

We know that Fusible Interlining is a hot-melt adhesive coated lining, cloth production is often used in one of the accessories. It can be a good help to show the shape of clothes. However, in the fabric of the production process or some of the production process of clothing class, there are some of the fabric is very soft and smooth, in fact, such a situation we can use good Fusible Interlace to solve, this is indeed A pretty good way, is also a common way, but to really fit this, because most of the time, we are not so easy to be able to reach.

The softness of the fabric affects our operation, which is a difficult point. Of course, sometimes, we are almost all of these errors are caused by such things, so it must be timely to prevent, so, we in the production process which will not have any kind of error, then from this Of the point that we use to the Fusible Interlining, which is for such a place, but another aspect it also has some effect.

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