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Wholesale cotton printed bedding fabric for hotel
Feb 21, 2017

Materials: 100%cotton

Yarn count: 40s

Weight: 110gsm

Width: 57/58"

Yarn type: Combed

Color: make to order

Packing: roll packing

Applications: making garments

Pocketing/lining fabric:

T/C 80/20 45x45 110x76, 96x72, 88x64

T/C 65/35 45x45 110x76, 96x72

Herringbone T/C 65/35 32x150D 82x64

Herringbone T/C 80/20 100Dx45 110x76

Shirt fabric:

T/C 65/35 45x45 133x72, 110x76

CVC 45x45 133x72, 110x76

Uniform fabric:

T/C 65/35 21x21 108x58

T/C 80/20 21x21 108x58

T/C 65/35 20x16 120x60

T/C 65/35 14x14 80x56

100% cotton 10x10 80x46

100% cotton 21x21 108x58

95% cotton + 5% spandex JC30xJC20+105D188x78 260gsm

97% cotton + 5% spandex 60x40+40D266*102180gsm

97% cotton + 5% spandex 50*21+40D 218*86 210gsm

97% cotton + 3% spandex 50*16+70D 233*80 245gsm

98% cotton + 2% spandex 50*40+40D 246*106 200gsm

100% cotton 10*10 +70D 90*38 57/58" 285gsm

Swimwear fabric:

85% nylon/15% spandex, 180-230gsm

85% polyester/15% spandex, 180-230gsm

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