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What's Fusible Interlinin
Jun 05, 2017

1. Features of Fusible Interlining and its sewing

The features of fusible Interlining is best expressed when it is used for the front of an upper garment. In this case, a fusible interlining is fused to the outer fabric, which means “complication’’ and it brings birth of a new outer fabric maintaining the functions of interlining(formation and volume). Especially, the fusible interlining made of bobble fabric is the only interlining which exert its function only when it is fused to the outer fabric. Accordingly, perfect fusion should be performed through the correct way of fusing.

2. How to select Fusible Interlining

How to select fusible interlining, of course, should comply with the intention of product plan. Accordingly the type, weight, density, thickness, shape and the finished condition of the outer fabric should be fully checked.

The types of fusible interlining (raw textile of interlining, texture and adhesives) and its quality features should be understood.

Basically, it should be produced so as not to cause any problem until the garment for which the fusible interlining is used reaches customer and until the product continue possessing a value of garment, and a thought that it is fine if there is no problem in the process of production is very risky.

3. Precautions when selecting a fusible interlining

When selecting a fusible interlining, followings should be cheked:

Bonding Strength

Strike back and strike through

Shrinkage of outer fabric due to heart of cleaning

Change in the shape of outer fabric

Properties of enduring cleaning and dry cleaning

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