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Types of Clothing Fusible Interlining
Oct 26, 2016

When we buy the network lining, the general will see the description of this business: non-woven fusible interlining, cloth fusible interlining, hard liner, double-sided adhesive lining ... ... which one for us?

Non-woven fusible interlining is non-woven fabric (non-woven fabrics) as the base fabric, relative to the price of cloth fabric is relatively dominant, but the quality is slightly inferior. Non-woven lining for a number of edges and corners of the location, such as open bags, buttonhole and so on. Non-woven lining also has the thickness of the points, their thickness will be directly reflected in the use of the location, according to the need to choose.

Fabric Fusible Interlining is a knitted fabric or woven cloth as the base fabric, the most commonly used woven fabric. Cloth lining is often used in the work of the main body or an important position, fabric Fusible Interlining also has the hard and soft points, subject to selection.