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Top Fuse Woven Shirt Interlining for Collars, Cuffs
Feb 15, 2017

1. Top fuse woven shirt interlining for collars, cuffs

2. Color: Bleached white, raw white, half bleached white, black, grey etc. 

3. Hand feels: Soft, medium-hard, hard

4. Adhesive: HDPE

5. Washable: Up to 90degree

6. Weight: 80GSM-200GSM

7. Width: 110cm

8. Composition: 100% cotton, T/C, etc. 

9. Count: 16's, 20's, 30's, 40's, 45's

Fusing conditions: A. Temperature: 165-175 degree;B. Pressure: 2-3.5 kg/cm;C. Time: 15-20s.

Notice: Please note that the above technical data is just for your reference, you'd better do some experiments before batch process.

Art.No. Width Comp. Count/Density Adhesive Color

8505S     112cm,150CM     100% COTTON 21*21/60*58     HDPE              white,black,grey

2050S     112cm,150CM     100% COTTON 21*21/50*50     HDPE               white,black,grey

2060S     112cm,150CM     100% COTTON 20*20/60*60     HDPE               white,black,grey

3056S     112cm,150CM     100% COTTON 30*30/56*44     HDPE               white,black,grey

3068S     112cm,150CM     100% COTTON 32*32/68*68     HDPE               white,black,grey

4262S     112cm,150CM     100% COTTON 40*40/58*55     HDPE               white,black,grey

9672S     112cm,150CM     T/C65/35 45*45/96*72               HDPE               white,black,grey

5850E     112cm,150CM     T/C65/35 45*45/58*50               HDPE               white,black,grey

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