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This year lining industry market
Oct 26, 2016

2012 is over, last year's lining market is relatively bleak, but in my company all the staff work together, the company also has a very good performance sales, while the company also strengthened the network investment. People in this industry can foresee this year's lining market:

With the popular point of words: this year's business than last year's good to do. From March 1 to 5, 2013 Shanghai China Fair, China's lining industry, the rise of the trend, from the company's market research, whether Guangdong, Shanghai or Suzhou, clothing and clothing accessories are greatly increased demand. At the same time, the company to develop new technologies to reduce costs, but also to increase sales laid the foundation. The company for the interlining and acupuncture cotton began to have targeted promotional measures.

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