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The Basic Principle of Matching Clothing Interlining
Nov 12, 2016

Lining fabric to set off to improve the feel and drape to make clothing with perfect shape. Interlining is a woven fabric, knitted fabric and non-woven fabric for the fabric, use (or not use) thermoplastic polymer xing, specially for a special finishing machine, the inner layer of clothing to play for the reinforcement, and rough role with fabric glue (or non-bonding) of special clothing accessories. Outside clothing is fabric, which is the hair interlining in the middle is the We are specialized in producing hair interlining, the hair interlining under normal circumstances can not be directly seen. Those who need to develop stiffness, full handle, smooth transition, reinforcing the site are covered by hair interlining of.Another local site to use the garment interlining with the role of reinforcement.Interlining foam into two phenomena: after bonding foam, foam after washing.

After the foaming adhesive has the following three reasons:

The first is that hair interlining on the uneven distribution of hot melt powder, tainted point out powder, a sheet, strip coating defects; hair interlining or fabric caused blistering heat shrinkable; pressure hot temperature is too high.

Then after washing blistering due to not washing or dry cleaning hot melt due to the local detachment of the washing of clothing required to be selected and targeted resistance to dry cleaning or washing interlining interlining or both then washing the hair interliningresistance to dry cleaning. The quality of interlining evaluation in two ways:

External Quality: good fabric uniformity, elasticity is good, feel good, no defects, no wrinkles, line width, the gel-point distribution is reasonable, seamless point, no swap powder, appropriate amount of adhesive so.

Internal Quality: interlining of heat shrinkage rate, shrinkage is small, adhesive fastness, washing non-foaming, no deformation.

How to choose clothes hair interlining it?

First phase with the performance of fabric compatibility. These properties include the color of fabric, weight, thickness, color fastness, drape, shrinkage and so on, for shrinking the hair interlining of the crop before the big subject to shrinking, while the lightweight fabric for light color, should pay particular attention The hair interlining of the color fastness to avoid staining, ventilation and other undesirable phenomena.

Second, and costumes to meet the requirements of harmonization. As the hair interlining types and characteristics of different design should be based on the different parts of clothing and asked to choose the appropriate type, thickness, weight, hardness, elastic hair interlining, and cut the time to pay attention to hair interlining the latitude and longitude to accurately achieve the perfect costume design modeling.

Finally, it should consider the actual conditions of garment production equipment and the cost of the hair interlining of the price. For example, in matching linings, we must consider whether there is a corresponding pressure with hot equipment, to fashion design based on the modeling requirements, should take to minimize the cost of clothing for hair interlining of the matching principle, to meet the market demand and improve economic efficiency of enterprises.

More or less have to use the hair interlining of a garment, but the different types of clothes hair interlining the number of different parts and large the same in different clothing styles, with a lining are also different. The main site with a lining are: clothes before the film, within the welt, collar, split head, after the film, bag, bag cover, belt, lead, placket, cuffs, welt, sleeve Long, only I, Hem fork mouth, such as sleeve shorts.

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