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Production Process of Two - point Fusible Interlining
Oct 26, 2016

Modern clothing, emphasizing the comfort of wearing style, light and casual flexibility. Fusible Interlining is a "clothing skeleton", which is an indispensable accessory for garments. Its reasonable cooperation with fabrics can not only fully reflect the design ideas of fashion designers, but also can achieve a good effect.

Warp knitting interlining is a kind of lining cloth, which is made of warp knitted fabric as the base fabric, through the powder point, pulp point, double-point coating methods such as processing from clothing with adhesive lining. Warp-type Fusible Interlining was first widely applied in Europe, among which KUFNER, HANSEL, LAINIERE de PICARDIE and other European famous interlining interlining produced by the series of rich varieties, technology and quality of the more advanced.

Production process of warp - knitted interliningThe production process is: the warp fabric - shrinkage (or velvet) - dyeing - Lafu stereotypes - cotton yarn, Coating - Inspection Packaging. Product width is generally divided into 90cm, 122cm and 150cm, color to color, bleach, black, gray mostly women's lining color change to be more.