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Needle cotton in the lining
Oct 26, 2016

We wear clothes will find a lot of clothes have a mezzanine, especially in winter clothes, in order to keep warm, will be filled in the sandwich to help keep warm some of the material. And some will be filled with cotton, down, acupuncture cotton, the cost of such clothes will be higher, the price will be high. Acupuncture cotton literal meaning can be seen, is not required for textile, direct use of acupuncture will be stabbed into the cotton fiber flocculent pieces. In use, they are joined together using some adhesive material such as an adhesive backing.

Clothing which has acupuncture cotton filling, can make the clothes look no longer as filling cotton is so bloated. Some clothes for aesthetic needs, will be used in some corner or shoulder liner, which is generally used to lined with acupuncture cotton.

Although it is acupuncture cotton, in fact, it is not necessarily the production of cotton fiber. Can also be some animal hair fibers, such as wool, camel hairs and other warm good fiber. Also can be some plant fibers, such as hemp fiber, corn fiber and so on. The quality and function of acorn needles produced using different fibers will vary. The current use of clothing lining cotton acupuncture cotton mostly fiber, not only warm, cost is also appropriate.