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Fancy Knitted Fusible Interlining For You
Jun 18, 2017

Fusible interlining are widely used in garments field today, from the first generation of cotton, hemp, brown and other fabric lined the second generation of black carbon interlining ( wool interlining , horsetail interlining ) , the third generation of the resin Interlining to the widespread development of modern garments/apparel industry use the 4th generation ( woven and nonwoven fusible interlining ) hot melt adhesive interlining , and the high soft support , ultra-thin , environmentally friendly, health-based , washable, breathable lining as the fifth generation of advanced new interlining cloth also emerged. 
Fusible interlining " to stick on behalf of the seam" simplified modern garment processing technology, industrial mass production efficiency has been higher than ever before . As a kind of knitted interlining , which not only gives clothing has become more light, thin, soft, pretty , spring , , but given the aesthetic features colorful clothing , the right of the people to reflect modern clothing style personality requirements. 
The face of dazzling, performance of different interlining, how to make a reasonable choice of science and correct , safe and economical to use, it is a matter of common concern garment industry . 
Defined knit Interlining 
Knitted Interlining, is knitted cloth as fabric, hot melt coating process after the interlining cloth. Warp knit interlining, weft warp interlining, its performance is similar woven interlining, with both good mobility , but also a good drape. 

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