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Factors Affecting the Quality of Fusible Interlining
Oct 26, 2016

Fusible interlining, although used as clothing lining, but because of a small piece of lining quality problems will affect the value of the entire clothing. So the quality of the fusible interlining is an important factor. What is the quality of the fusible interlining? Including peel strength, dimensional stability, washability, feel, permeability, follow-up performance, breathability, shear performance and sewing performance, anti-aging properties. Dimensional stability includes dimensional change of dry heat, dimensional change after water washing and size change after adhesive washing.

First, peel strength refers to the size of the force required to separate the bonded fusible interlining and the fabric. It is a comprehensive index that reflects the firmness of the garment fabric and the adhesive lining. It is closely related to the hot pressing process in the garment production and is the important performance of the inner quality of the garment product.