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Down the real meaning of cotton
Oct 26, 2016

As the weather turns cold, many people are choosing a winter clothes to prepare for the winter, but a lot of winter clothing on the market, but the variety of materials, there are colored, down with cotton, but also down there mercerized cotton cotton of. Look at some of these cotton, which is the middle of what is the difference, these are in the end what cotton ah. Good today, let everyone together to understand the cotton down and cotton-related knowledge.

Down the definition of cotton from the beginning to start talking about the velvet is the feathers of animals, and this feather is similar to the feathers of a chemical fiber. This is a different specification of the fiber through a special process made of, because the texture is very light like down, so called down cotton. This is for the market a lot of blank made a good substitute. Because he also has a light and breathable and good insulation and other characteristics, and gradually be used by many businesses to produce a variety of cotton and winter clothes. Not only will not get rid of silk and translucent, with the same insulation properties of down, but also by the people strongly.