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Acupuncture cotton are in what areas to use it
Oct 26, 2016

Speaking of acupuncture cotton, you may feel more unfamiliar than the Fusible Interlining. Fusible interlining is a hot melt adhesive, after ironing can be combined with the fabric together to play its role is to make those too smooth, soft fabric becomes crisp texture. Now the apparel industry will use 80% of the fusible interlining as clothing production support materials. Which means that we wear clothes, eighty or ninety percent of the use of the fusible interlining. Acupuncture cotton, in fact, the same as the Fusible Interlining, but also as a supplementary material for clothing use. Acupuncture cotton can increase the warmth of the clothes, and in appearance does not seem too heavy. Because acupuncture cotton production process, the use of acupuncture technology, the use of cotton fiber as a production material, do not need to weave, but with acupuncture will be stabbed into the sheet of cotton fibers.

The earliest use of acupuncture cotton is used as the lining of clothing, widely used in the apparel industry. At that time acupuncture cotton production of raw materials is also very simple, the use of cotton fiber or animal fur, and some can also be some plant fibers, such as hemp fiber, corn fiber and so on. These materials do acupuncture cotton out of a warm and a certain role in supporting, so as the clothes lining. Later, nanotechnology emerged, people also developed a different acupuncture cotton for industrial and decoration industry.