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8864 Woven Waistband Fusible Interlining
Jan 17, 2017

Material:Polyester Taffeta


Pattern:Yarn Dyed


Product Description

Modle: 8864
Width: 112cm
Fabric: Woven
Coating: Double DOT
Composition: PA PES
Density: 88*64
Color: Black, white, bleaching
Tempreture: 130-140c
Pressure: 2-3kg/cm²
Time: 10-15s
Washing way: Laundry, water washing
Product feature: Lightness, thinness, softness, stiffness, with good follow-up character, shape retention, good peel intensity, wearable for dual washing ( laundry and water washing)
Coating characters: The series produces are manufactured by new double-DOT technology, they are matched with thin fabric which have the characters of component high count and high density. Low temperature, low formaldehyde, anti-static, in line with environmental standards and so on.
Application: Applicable for male and female fashion and clothes
Similar item: 8860, 3000, 3030, 3020


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